couture_is_life (couture_is_life) wrote,

OMG I HATE WORK!!! Ihave worked monday and tuesday for a combined total of 18 hrs. 15 mins. i'm working an 8 hr shift tomorrow and then i have to work a long time thursday until we move this like 12 ft thing that is FULL of heavy books across a parking lot, then we have to take the 12 ft thing apart (the thing is made up of about 10 pieces all screwed together) then bring it across a parking lot, put it back together and then put all the books back in it... THEN i get to move two large bookcases by taking all the books out and doing the same idea! aren't I excited?! NOOOOOO ok well i thought i'd just keep you all updated on the insane life of steven... love to all... COUGH!


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