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Steven was born on 4-3-88.. I am an aries and i believe in astrology... i believe in love for a certain amount of time, but not forever. I love fashion, music, and television... i plan on working in the fashion industry... I absolutely detest school i believe it is a waste of time... i'm a full-blooded democrat... 100% liberal... I normally will not discriminate unless i am pushed to a limit. I love my country, but i believe that like every other place in the world there are huge faults in our system. In music, i like practically everything... i think that Janet Jackson is a musical mastermind.. I believe that Britney Spears is a genius, not because of her music, which i still like, but because of her selling tactics.. Pink is a god... Alanis Morisette is also one of the gods... Christina Aguilera's voice is angelic... Justin Timberlake has some awesome music... there is nothing that i can say that hasn't been said about Madonna... Prince is great... Beyonce is magical... D.C. is one of the best all girl groups of all time... DC3 Forever..*tear* No doubt is great.. and TLC i love hip-hop, Ludacris..Outkast, they are creative geniuses... Usher... Eminem...I love missy elliot 50 cent... i listen to rock every so often...Green day.. a few others i think mtv + vh1 are a gift from god... and while on the topic of god which is quite a confusing thought for me... i'm a confirmed catholic, but i feel i'm not right for catholicism... i feel that i'm too liberal for any religious group, so if you happen to know of any liberalist group comment on a post...

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