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But the guys from QE are like: That Fag?

Hey everyone-

So i took a nap today from like 6 to 9 so i cannot sleep... i've just been doing random shit that i needed to get done... i finished my scarf. and i was going to start a new one, but then i realized all of my yarns i've already used so i need more! i was thinking about getting a parttime job at joann's for the discount... what do you think? should I? i would save so much money... but i could only work on the weekends because i have a job that pays much better on the weekdays.. I think i'm going to apply... maybe... in other news KATHY GRIFFIN is coming to town in october and I am getting tickets!!! I am so excited! that show is going to deliver like domino's! So tomorrow is pay day and last week i worked for 73 hours!!! CHA CHING! and i also have a reimbursement check which is going to be about $80. So the total will probably be like $680... pretty damn good. i can not wait until i get my tax return next year... it is going to be so awesome... unless of course i make as much money as i did in the stock market last year... i've probably told the story, but last year instead of getting a return i had to pay like $300... yea making money by doing nothing is so great... So Kansas City Art Institute called me today... and the guy was really nice, but i told him i wasn't interested... and he seemed kind of offended and he asked me why... i was like uhm... no reason... *COUGH*... WHY WOULD I WANT TO LIVE IN KANSAS? I told him i was looking for schools in NY... which is the truth... not that i've applied... but i have been looking at some of them.. Pratt, FITNYC, Parsons... I'm getting so excited every day that passes means i'm closer to college, but that means i'm running out of time to do my portfolio... which i still haven't started... I have a picture i did that i would like to put in, but i don't think i'm going to, i sort of stole it from somewhere... what i'm hoping is that art class starts very fast so that i have a few good pieces that i can throw into my portfolio, I mean they don't have to be exquisite... and i mean if i don't get it done, i always can go to IADT for a year... i'm not really worried about my portfolio anymore.. even though I really don't want to stay at home.. saving the money the first year though and being able to keep my job would be awesome though... I don't know.... So ashley is leaving next week and i'm really sad! i'm going to miss her! i've told her that i'm coming to see her but she doesn't believe me... but i've told my mom i'm going so she couldn't do anything about it. and i mean come on look how close she is to Birch Run... Ashley, it is going to be an expensive trip when i come up there! So my Vogue hasn't come yet and i'm getting extremely antsy... i saw it on shelves saturday i believe and i still don't have it.. it is so thick and SJP is on the cover so if i don't get it by saturday i'm going to go buy it... Sewing class and fashion illustration have been going wonderfully, in sewing, my first top is almost done and i have to start my button down shirt so i can learn how to do buttons by next week so i have to do a full shirt by wedneday... i have a feeling this weekend is going to be jammed.. tomorrow is the first DLS home game and I have to go! saturday i have to hit up lakeside to pick up mom's makeup because she is going up north all weekend... too bad dad isn't going away or we would have had a house party! ok well i think i'm going to go try to go to sleep. luckily tomorrow is purple and gold day, jeans to school tomorrow.. i'm wearing my new robert wayne's! so excited!
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