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Life goes on.

Well Ashley has "officially" gone to college... i saw her for the last time yesterday... it was a lot of fun! we went to macaroni grille and had a good dinner and then we just drove around, We got to see this person get pulled over which was totally hilarious!! we went to mcdonalds, but they were closed so then we were going to go to LEGENDS!!!LoL, but decided that the woman in front of us didn't want legends, she wanted mcDonalds.. Then we drove around after i decided if i wanted the thick shake or the triple thick shake, it was a hard decision. Then she dropped me off at home around 1:00.. it was sad... i'm going to miss her.. this past month we've been getting closer and we've hung out like 4 times which is a record because we used to hang out every 4 months... Now she's going to be up in Midland and i'm going to be down here and that's like 2 1/2 hours... i have to go see her... end of story..

Well i went to Arts, Beats, and Eats today... yea it sucked... there were a couple cool fiber people and one awesome perspective drawer, so i got some ideas from him... and i've got the new scarf i'm going to make after i finish my new skirt... people once i finish the skirt i'm going to post pictures of everything i've done, so maybe next weekend, but don't be expecting it... the skirt fabric is so awesome.. i had seen it at the beginning of summer and i was like OHH i am buying this... so i got it and decided it was going to be a skirt... it probably would have made a killer dress, but that's ok, they got new stock in at Jo-ann so i think i'm going back tomo... the labor day sale is still happening.. i need fabric for the dress i have a pattern for and i need a pattern of women's pants... once i do those things i will have completed the things i absolutely need for my portfolio and i'll be able to start on the drawing aspect... i plan on practicing a lot during classes and especially art...

ok well i need some sleep...
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hay hunni bunny, i miss you...don't feel sad that ashley is leaving...we can go visit her and stop and westbranch and/or birch run on the way lol call me sometime...i've missed you since friday =( mkay, i'm done love ya
yaay. legends! :)

i feel super special to have made a journal entry, that's quite fantastic.

i thought about you yesterday because i bought a pair of coach sandals for only $11 brand new. the shopping in and around this town is quite kick ass for the size of it. anyway...i really hope you will come up to see me. i'd love to hang out with you again before there's an 8 month lapse. hope you're enjoying the mixtapes ;)
OMG I WANT COACH SHOES FOR 11! i hope you're having a great time up there! *points up* lol... ok well how is the partying!??!'s hardcore partying up here. every single freakin day! it's like the greatest place to be ever.

not really, but it is super awesome. and the people are so much fun. i'm extremely amused. the parties are your average keggers mostly, so i'm going to have to teach these people how to party with some class and vodka. :)

how's everything down there? miss me yet?? (that's actually a rhetorical question, because i am positive that EVERYONE misses me. especially you. right? of course!)