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i need a soldja...

well i got a new ipod! it's the second one in 3 weeks.... lol i returned the "old" photo to get the new VIDEO! in black! my baby's name is Midnight Couture. and i love it...

So i went to a fashion show with Ken and it was pretty good.. i just felt bad for the girl that was like a stuffed sausage in that knit fabric 'dress'. i just keep having visions of her walking the runway... Ken's friend Carolyn did great! her pieces were very good!i still haven't decided what i'm doing with colleges... i feel like i'm going back into a depressed mode... all i want is my new issue of GQ with orlando on the cover.... lately i just haven't felt pushed to do anythiing... i just want to sit in my bed and listen to depressing music all day..

Oh.. Dangerously in love 2 is on... such a beautiful song...

well moving on... i just finished reading Sex and the City... let me just say that the book... COMPLETELY different than the series... the series is a female empowerment show... the book just made me want a relationship... which is SO insane... everyone knows how much I despise relationships... ok well i want to go talk about actual problems and this isn't the spot...
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